DAVID ROSEN – Director

DavidRosenDavid Rosen started his career by making short films, winning the grand prize in the Northwest International Short Film Festival in 1980. He is known for his visual storytelling style, and he has helped create successful marketing campaigns and garnered numerous local and national awards. Rosen is the owner of Shooters Film Production in Honolulu, where he directs commercials and documentaries. He was recognized in 2010 as Hawai‘i’s Advertising Man of the Year. With The Fishing Club, he is back to his first love – working with actors to tell a great story.



SHAWN HIATT – Director of Photography

ShawnHiattAward winning Director of Photography Shawn Hiatt has cinema in his blood. His grandfather was an animator for Disney in the very early days of Mickey Mouse and his father is a Cinema Special FX Designer in Europe. Shawn loves working in the medium of moving pictures, whether it is 35mm, Digital 6k, DSLR, or Super – 8, it’s all about the story.




DANA SATLER HANKINS –  Executive Producer

 Dana Hankins has over 30 years in the film industry with production credits in films such as The Tempest (directed by Julie Taymor, starring Helen Mirren), Chief (Official Sundance Selection), Picture Bride (Official Sundance and Cannes Film Festival Selections), Bird On A Wire, Stakeout, Short Circuit, American Flyers, WarGames, Blue Thunder.




CLAIRE TONG –  Executive Producer

 Claire Tong believes in Hawaii’s filmmakers. From HIFF to Ohina, her passion for raw talent inspired her to sponsor short films, feature films, and even entire film festivals. Claire’s introduction to the film business began while marketing Straub Hospital with Dave Rosen starting in 1997. After many successful campaigns branding the unique services of Straub, she found her love of filmmaking. With her strong ties and connections to Hawaii’s community she is able to find funding for our talented local filmmakers.




 After a brief stint with a Honolulu advertising agency, Darrin Kaneshiro was lured to the hectic world of television by McHale VideoFilm in 1992. For the last 15 years, Kaneshiro has been the Executive Producer at Shooters Film Productions where he has produced hundreds of commercials both in Hawai‘i and on the mainland, as well as numerous documentaries and short films. His easygoing personality and amazing organizational skills help put the best creative and the highest level of production up on the screen. Currently, Kaneshiro is the Managing Director of the ‘Ohina Short Film Festival.


JAY K. EVANS – Edito

 From the days of early hammer and chisel through the Age of Machines and now into the Digital Age, Evans has cut his way west from Hollywood to Honolulu. Twice a Monitor Award Finalist and recipient of multiple Peles, Tellys, and Andys, his storytelling has found its way into every genre including commercials, documentaries, TV Shows, music videos, features and short films. Evans was also recognized as Hawai‘i’s Advertising Man of the Year in 2007. His recent editing credits include: Paradise Broken, Chief, Silent Years, Dolphins: The Wild Side and The Land Has Eyes.



CATHERINE TARLETON – Story & Screenplay

 Catherine Tarleton is a freelance writer on the Big Island, where she landed in 1989 and pursued a long career in the resort industry. She wrote “The Fishing Club” in the early 1990s as an entry into the Honolulu Magazine Fiction Contest, and it was subsequently published by Bamboo Ridge and in her book Potluck: Stories That Taste Like Hawai‘i. Somewhat surprised that the story still has relevance 20 years later, she looks forward to feedback from a younger audience, and is working on her new bucket-list goal of writing an original screenplay.